Left: Mantel for Maren (The Night). 200x260x19 cm. 2017. 
Middle: Mantel for Torgeir. 205x240x25 cm. 2019. 
Mantle for those lying on sidewalks with gaping mouths. Knitwork. 260x270 cm. 2019. 

Mantel for Maren (The Night)  200x260x19 cm. 2017

Mantel for Torgeir. 205x240x25 cm. 2019

Mantle for those lying on sidewalks with gaping mouths. 2019  
Knitwork. 260x270 cm

Mantel for Maren (The Ascension)
Knit work: Wool, cotton. 300x240x15 cm. 2018

In 2013, my mother was sent to a nursing home after a fall in her social security apartment. I stayed in this apartment for a few days while I visited her. In a small chest of drawers beside her favorite chair I found knitting needles and yarn. She herself had not knitted in years. I learned to knit as five to six years old, probably from Mom, something I only vaguely remember. Mom told, however, that she once looked into my room in the middle of the night and saw me still awake. I was sitting in my bed with huge, shining eyes, knitting on my project, which at that time was a teddy bear. Think it was yellow or brown.
   Knit interest went fairly quickly over, but now, as I sat in her apartment and she was lying in the nursing home and did not know where she was, I took up the knitting needles. 

The Man Without a Head 1. Knitwork on sacking. 2019. 180x240 cm

The Man Without a Head 2. Knitwork on sacking. 2019. 180x240 cm

Mantel for Nina. 2018  Knitwork. 115x230 cm

Mantel for Maren (The Eye). Knitwork: Wool, cotton. 120x240x17 cm. 2016-2017

Mantel for ?. Knitwork, jute, sheep hide, wood. 148x213x26 cm. 2019